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And Now Yoga...


Yoga as taught openly today has become a commercial fitness fad. More attention is being paid to how to tighten your body and look good as opposed to inner-growth and transformation which is the primary goal of Yoga.

At Raj YogaWest we bring to you Yoga as it was meant to be. Through exercise in yoga, meditation, pranayam in surrey you will discover tools and lifestyle that can take you to a more unlimited, happier and healthier you.

We also offer:
yoga, meditation, pranayam in delta ; and
yoga, meditation, pranayam in coquitlam 

More than Just Another Yoga Class

 At Raj YogaWest we go beyond introducing postures and basic yoga to students.

We bring the following offerings for inner growth and transformation:

- Science of Kriya. Kriyas are a fixed sequence of yoga postures that are designed by Yogis over centuries to deliver a specific result (physical, mental or subtle).

- Beauty of Meditation. Meditations that we teach are designed to elevate the human consciousness to stimulate inner growth.

- Technology of Breath (Pranayam). Pranayam are defined breath patters that are designed over centuries by Yogis to stimulate glands and work on the different parts of the mind.

About our Chief Instructor

Raj is an experienced kundalini yoga practitioner and has been organising yoga activities (camps, workshops, classes) in Asia for the last 10 years. Now based in British Columbia (Canada) he is sharing the technology of kundalini yoga with beginners and advanced practitioners to assist in their inner transformation. He also participates and assists in other yoga events with different styles, e.g. Hatha and Vipasna.

Besides teaching Yoga, Raj runs businesses in business consultancy, training and medical devices. Raj spent around 8 years in an economic agency in the Singapore Government prior to his entering business.He was also active in driving community building efforts in Singapore through his volunteer roles over 10 years leading various organisations such as Sikh Sewaks Singapore, Central Sikh Temple and the Sikh Centre. Through his team and his efforts he helped in establishing 2 full-time Sikh Music academies , a Sikh History department and regular children events.These days Raj volunteers in local community efforts in BC (Canada). In addition he volunteers as a children's storyteller with his wife who is a SIkh musician.